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Structure in Relief

by american splendor

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released March 15, 2016

american splendor is:

jon graber - vocals, guitars, prepared piano, electric piano
reed wolcott - guitars and vocals
declan desart - bass guitar and grand piano
kenny schwartz - drums, percussion and prepared piano

gang vocals - american splendor and eva reistad

stories provided by - anita graber, christy barker, jp kohler, christine mahoney, declan desart, katie williams, jon graber and kenny schwartz

produced and engineered by jon graber, adam lasus and eva reistad.
additional engineering by brent ulrich
recorded at kingsize sound labs los angeles, ca and fireproof los angeles, ca.

mixed by jon graber at the ship los angeles, ca
mix assistant was pete novoa

mastered by roger seibel at sae mastering phoenix, az

songs and lyrics by jon graber

artwork by christine mahoney and katie williams



all rights reserved


american splendor Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Soft Light
why don't you touch me?
why can't you love me too?
its not that i can't believe, we've just never been introduced

i don't blame you mama
i could never quite sit still,
its just this restlessness i can feel
as the pedals wilt.

can i scream my way for more time?
does it work like late night carnival rides?
well give me one more spin

and the beauty in the bathrobe,
she ran screaming through the town
she was certain all the blue was falling down.

i don't think you're crazy
i think that you're just scare
i just can't believe we could've ever been
less prepared

you'll never get what you need if you're holding your breath
but if you bleed long enough you'll sure catch your death.
so give me one more spin

oh darling,
you've always known best.
keep your secrets locked behind your cold, closed lips.
but I'm still here waiting, I'm shaking at the gates
who's gonna let me in,
its late.

we're all alone.

i know we're all alone.
Track Name: Pittsburgh
i think I'm losing touch
these deep breaths, they don't feel like enough
caution's capped the rapturous
thunder of you,
but the box beneath your bed remains
full imbued
with your smile, your laugh and your memories past,
"if you're leavin',
we've got some speakin'
to do."

i think you're giving up
potential is never enough.
fraying fast the fabric
you've cut to extend,
while you're burning down the wick that you've
lit from both ends.
is the cold conversation,
still wearing your patience,
for the cold?

that sticks to your bones
and follows you home.

well you can't
shadows here

they'll leave you alone
out on your own.
you search,
for something to chase.
while we stretch the spectrum in place
your gallows gathering dust.
Track Name: Judith
baby bottle blue,
you've let your colors molt away
in a trade for love,
its never to be true.

while your sister's sleeping softly
on a balustrade of silence
ask your questions,
i doubt she'll answer you.

cloistered coffers cluttered
with a litany of lovers
just to cauterize
the craters punched in you.

will you wait?

for the fortune casting candy striper
talking tongues in children's cypher
idol babel biding by your bedside.

while broken bound and bludgeoned
with your heart preserved in traction
its just a fraction of,
the fortunes that you're due

while we're straddling the states
along the edges i can wait
for the fold to bring us in,
our hopes resolve.

will you wait?

for the fortune casting candy striper
talking tongues in children's cypher
idol babel biding by your bedside.

for a glimpse, a gasp,
between the misers
forging lovers into lifers.
manic masses moving through your insides.

but Mary your fatal flaw you see,
was you tried to love us all.
you set the seed to soil
and swore we would live forever.

darling, you'd never know
just how far these arms could row
for the glow
beyond the bay of slow surrender.

for a taste, a touch, a timid talking
a clearer course,
out towards the crossing.
clever conversation by the wayside.
Track Name: American Splendor
"caution crept between the words,"
she said.
a sort of quiet conversation
between myself
and my own patience
for myself

itching through the last of what's left the shed.
burning bathtubs bubble violet,
just a taste for some peace and quiet.

summer sands,
they're slipping through your hands.
braces your knees to catch your catapulted kin.

we're all just waiting to begin.

massive melting megaphones corrode.
mix the silence and displace,
patient structures rust in place.

while stumbling
we're all left crumbling,
to a comfort caught
put gently in it's place,

young hearts all grown beneath the weight.

and I'm not trying to let go
but these hands aren't yours' to hold
waiting, wishing
someday isn't so.
now break your broken bender,
save what's to remember
American Splender,

on letting go,
you'll find your feet.

all the mistruths we'll learn to sleep through.

calipers stretch and sweep,
through the distances we'll learn to see though.